Passionate About Inspiring Others

I’m Victoria, a professional and qualified Performance Life Coach and NLP Practitioner with over 15 years' experience in the NHS and healthcare sector.

I have developed a passion whilst working and leading in services that provide care to those suffering with life-limiting illness and disease or require palliative care.  This very experience has shaped me, as many professional paths do, and led me to the coaching profession so that I can exercise my own passion  which is to help others to live fulfilled lives no matter the circumstance.

I will work with you to focus on goals and milestones.  Often, those living with life-limiting illness/disease and mental illness can feel 'written off'. Coaching sessions with me will always remain outcome-focused as I use communication tools and Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques whilst drawing on my experience to support you to identify your self-limiting beliefs and challenge these to the point of break-through. 


"You can't always control what happens, but you can control how you deal with it"  

Richard Bandler

Those Other Hats...........

Whilst operating my own coaching business, I also work for two local charities.   I provide emotional support and coaching to those living with mental illness for a local mental health charity.  I also work part-time as Centre Manager for a local charity providing oxygen therapy to those with long-term illness and disease.


I'm a working parent and I really do understand the need for work-life balance.  Coaching is the perfect arena to focus on the whole picture and that includes you!  

My Values 
  • Honesty - I operate with integrity reassuring the client to be entirely honest with themselves to bring about the change they want to see

  • Commitment - to the client to facilitate and enliven the creation of their road map

  • Encouragement  - by providing a safe environment where clients can take some time to 'just be' and think about their life deeply

  • Personal Growth - by asking intuitive questions to draw out the potential

  • Peace - because this fosters client creativity and wise decisions


Values –“they are like finger prints. Nobody’s are the same but you leave ‘em all over everything that you do”   Elvis Presley

Certification and Compliance 
  • Qualified Performance and Life Coach Level 5 Diploma with Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Certified by ABC and recognised by the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)

  • Registered with the Information Commissioner and compliance with General Data Protection Regulations - Privacy Statement on request

  • Fully insured and DBS checked

  • Member of the NCP with regular supervision and continued professional development activities