interview technique & career progression

"These sessions with Vicky were invaluable in building up my confidence and self-belief when approaching interview situations and subsequently enabled me to secure a promotion.

I really enjoyed the coaching experience with Vicky and would definitely recommend it to others, especially the visual and relaxation exercises are very useful when preparing for an interview".



confidence & self-limiting beliefs

"Thank you for our life coaching sessions I’ve really enjoyed the way you phrased things and really made me think for myself!

I found the mirror work really eye opening.  I recognised the patterns that have been in my life – I hadn’t realised that I appeared to be living the same issues over and over, that the things that bother me most in my life now have done for many years and I have never really addressed them.  


Following our sessions I have worked hard at trying to change how I feel about my job – I even applied and interviewed for a promotion having to do a presentation and I found this fun and not intimidating".



work-life balance & new beginnings

"I feel these sessions enabled me to unload a lot of thoughts that were in my head but hadn’t been addressed. You allowed me to talk, get it off my chest and then we had discussion around what was happening and how it is making me feel.  

I enjoyed each session and found the exercises extremely enlightening. I have kept my copies and will be revisiting and redoing  these from time to time as a reminder of what I ultimately wish to achieve".



health & wellbeing 

contacted Vicky with the hope to get better balance in my life at a time of transition while struggling with health problems. I very quickly hit it off with Vicky and found her so easy to talk to, relatable and naturally empathetic. She listened attentively, asked thought provoking questions and I never got the sense that she was giving me the answers to my desires to ‘fix’ the problems that I was experiencing. She has a natural way of helping you to illuminate a solution by guiding you to it through exploration of how your goal can be achieved.


I would thoroughly recommend Vicky as a coach to anyone who is struggling with an area of their health and has wondered if having coaching would benefit them, you won’t regret making contact with her".